Window Screen Repairs Toronto
at the window cleaning store

We fix your window screens and door screens right at our North York shop. Simply drop them off to us and return to pick up, usually within 24 hours. (unless otherwise noted)

Holiday Schedule August

Window re-screen pricing (using standard fibreglass or pet mesh)

Screen Repair Type Standard Fibreglass Mesh Super Strength Pet Mesh
Small window re-screen up to 4 sq ft $15 $24
Medium window re-screen up to 9 sq ft $20 $32
Large window re-screen up to 15 sq ft $25 $40
Standard sliding door re-screen up to 3ft wide $45 $72
Extra wide sliding door re-screen up to 4ft wide $55 $88

Please visit The Window Cleaning Store for all your
window screen repair needs, window cleaning supplies,
dryer vent cleaning supplies and eavestrough cleaning supplies.

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